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I just did a blogging course

Liss Caldwell gave blogging a very good wrap but I came away overwhelmed, yet more to do. And I suspect everyone else in the class felt more or less the same. If we all joined together in a Mastermind group and met once a fortnight for 3 months to support each other to write and publish posts we would each have at least 6 blogs posts out there in the world.

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Make your blogging take off like a rocket

The problem

There is a problem with this plan! No one really thinks they need a mastermind group to get things done. Lisa thought the same but this is what she said after being part of a 3 month mastermind group.

these are the words that Lisa said and as you can see she got a lot from the group. Now this blog is going to get dull very quickly if I only talk about mastermind so I am not sure how I can make this what am I talking about. It needs to be based on MM but….

And the final point I want to make is



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